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Turbo TTE800 993

À partir de 3002

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Introducing our TTE800 upgrade performance turbochargers based on the original K24 turbochargers to new higher output specifications. Offering an upgrade to over 800PS.

Engineered & Enhanced

At the core of our TTE800 upgrade stage is a much larger TTE compressor wheel, chosen because it is highly efficient and creates an extremely high flow for comparative size. Re-Profiled compressor cover to optimised tolerance to ensure maximum compressor efficiency is given. We also CNC mill the exhaust turbine housing to accept our larger TTE 9 blade turbine and shaft. 

Special profile 360 deg high-performance motorsport journal bearing is fitted, to remain durable at higher loads with no loss in transient response. The actuator used is sprung OE unit set at 0.8bar crack pressure(1.0bar if wanted)


Precisely balancing our turbochargers is a key critical factor to become a TTE upgrade unit as longevity and performance are paramount. Good balance improves acoustics also. Subsequent great care is taken with all TTE turbochargers to achieving our balance standards. Firstly parts are balanced at slow speeds up to 2800RPM in multiple planes using our single parts machine, then components are assembled and then the CHRA are dynamically balanced, but this time depending on application at up to 250,000 RPM in multiple planes using our in-house VSR machine to acquire the ultimate equilibrium, to a standard far higher than OEM. Each turbocharger is supplied with a serial numbered balance test result document.

  • Original BorgWarner turbocharger as the base part
  • TTE Billet geometry compressor 54.5mm inlet
  • TTE 9 Blade High-Flow Low-Mass turbine (K24 size higher flow)
  • Original BorgWarner K24/10 exhaust housings
  • Original BorgWarner upgrade actuators 
  • TTE Upgrade bearing pack
  • 800PS+ Capable on 102Ron
  • Single parts finely balanced then components assembled and core high-speed VSR balanced
  • Supplied with a balance test result document
  • Proven TheTurboEngineers quality
  • Made in Germany

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